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CU Rigging Notes

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In general, the de-rig is just the reverse of the rig, but here are some extra pointers:
# Prep the glider as much as you can before pulling it onto the dolly in front of the trailer, which can be potentially in the way of other people derigging. You can take the tape off, tailplane, batteries, parachute etc all before you get to the trailer.# Have the ramp in the lowered position with the big wheels on the trailer side of the ramp.# When bringing the fuselage onto the belly dolly, make sure you remove the tail dolly. The fuse' should be dragged onto the belly dolly so that the leading edge of the dolly is in line with the '9' or 'B' on the ASW 19B B lettering on the side of the fuse. This means it will seat nicely in the trailer. This can be tricky. If it's being really stubborn, pull the fuse on further once the wings are removed. I usually get the aircraft lined up in front of the trailer, remove the tow out gear but leave the wing dolly then. I can then drag the glider forwards onto the dolly myself.# Once on the dolly, put a trestle under one wing, raise the ramp with the lever and put the pin in to secure it. This can also be stubborn.# Make sure the trailer is ready with wing dollies at the end. Disconnect all the controls and tape, and put the silver wing guards back on the correct wings. Do this 'before' you ask for help.# Take the left wing off first.When packing up# Once the glider is away, avoid putting the tow out gear in the front (tow hook end) of the trailer as it can easily be squashed when the lid comes down. Dont put anything in the front before you bring the lid down.
Make sure to lock the trailer when you leave. The back door is tricky. Lean on the RHS of the lid and you should be able to close the door.