Vintage Gliding

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Bluebell, CUGC's Slingsby T21

CUGC exists to enable its members to undertake all aspects of gliding. For many the appeal is the purity of the flying and this can captured no more elegantly that by the vintage glider movement.

Some of the most memorable sailplanes date from the earlier eras of gliding. An open canopy, Slingsby T21 two-seater affectionately named 'Bluebell' is still available to fly at the local club, and there is no nicer place to be on a hot summer's day!

Or if you really want to go back to basics, there's always the 'Primary Glider', a glorified plank with wings - one of the earliest design of glider, demonstrated in this and this video.

Vintage gliders are some of the most beautiful aircraft that are still flying and have a much greater variety of styles and designs than modern aircraft. The Vintage Glider Club is dedicated to both flying and maintaining these gliders.