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Portmoak 2019

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Chris, Eszter, Timo, Rob, Jenn and Glendon ventured up to Portmoak for the 7th to 14th of December 2019. Initial forecasts were pessimistic. After a very wet autumn, Gransden was flooded and there was a lot more rain in the forecast, and we initially feared we wouldn't be able to fly all week. However, the weather pulled together and we got four flyable days in the end, with the ridge working on three, and wave on two.
A trip to the pub on Saturday fixed up our moods after a long journey north in convoy throughout the day. Sunday was definitely rained off so we did some shopping and caught up on any outstanding uni work (or tried to...). We planned to go to a trampoline park, but on a wet Sunday it seemed like the whole of Glenrothes had the same idea and we decided that it would be inappropriate for 6 (or maybe 5...) adults to descend on a trampoline park full of children. Glendon took over the kitchen and cooked us some lovely food for which we were all very grateful. He really showed off a hidden talent during the week.
Monday was a lovely day, with 15kt westerly winds making the ridge work well. Everyone got a flight in for a decent time, with Chris and Timo flying solo after check flights. There was weak wave about, with us getting up to around 4000'. Not bad for a winter day, and much better than at Gransden! At this point we were considering going home after the instructors didn't predict any more flying for the rest of the week - but thankfully we stayed.