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Welcome and Introductory Information

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Your First Day at the Airfield
'''What to bring:''' This might sound obvious, but might be useful.
:'''In Winter:''' Warm clothes, gloves, warm hat, sunglasses, waterproof shoes. ''Always'' bring an extra layer than what you think you'll need. Airfields are cold places and you can't fly well if you're cold.:'''In Summer:''' Sunglasses, sunSun-hat (if you have one), suncream and plenty of water.
:Plenty of food and drink. There are usually sandwiches at the club, but you can't rely on it.
:Sunglasses. Sometimes you're flying towards the sun and can't see a thing without them.
Make sure that you have organised transport and know where to meet / directions to the airfield so you can be there on time for 08:45 (or 12/13:30 if it's a PM slot).