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SVG rendering of training progression graph from old website.
The GraphViz source for this is:
digraph Training {
## Graph setup
layout=dot overlap=false packmode="node"
fontname="Inter UI" fontcolor=black bgcolor=white
node [shape=box style=filled fontname="Inter UI"]
## Legend
subgraph cluster_legend {
graph [label="Legend" bgcolor="#007fff33" color="#007fff" style=bold]
Training, Qualifications, Goals, Medical
## Nodes and node types
trial [label="Trial flight" style=solid color=red fontcolor=black]
presolo, postsolo, aerobatics, xc_training, instructor
presolo [label="Pre-solo training"]
postsolo [label="Post-solo training"]
aerobatics [label="Aerobatics training"]
xc_training [label="Cross-country training"]
instructor [label="Instructor training"]
xc_endorsement, lapls, spl, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, km750, km1000,
aero_std, aero_sports, aero_intermediate, aero_unlimited, bi, asscat,
fullcat, frtol
xc_endorsement [label="Cross-country endorsement"]
lapls [label="Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (Sailplanes)"]
spl [label="Sailplane Pilot's Licence"]
bronze [label="Bronze"]
silver [label="Silver"]
gold [label="Gold"]
diamond [label="Diamond"]
km750 [label="750 km diploma"]
km1000 [label="1000 km diploma"]
aero_std [label="Standard"]
aero_sports [label="Sports"]
aero_intermediate [label="Intermediate"]
aero_unlimited [label="Unlimited"]
bi [label="Basic instructor"]
asscat [label="Assistant instructor"]
fullcat [label="Full instructor"]
frtol [label="Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL)"]
solo, single_seat, locals, xc, in_eu, outside_eu, interuni, aero_comp,
solo [label="First solo"]
single_seat [label="Single-seat conversion"]
locals [label="Local flying"]
xc [label="Cross-country flying"]
in_eu [label="Fly in the EU"]
outside_eu [label="Fly outside the EU"]
interuni [label="Varsity & Inter-University competitions"]
aero_comp [label="Aerobatics competitions"]
regionals [label="Regional/national cross-country competitions"]
gpmed, laplmed_presolo, class2med_presolo, laplmed_postsolo,
gpmed [label="GP medical"]
laplmed_presolo [label="LAPL medical"]
class2med_presolo [label="Class 2 medical"]
laplmed_postsolo [label="LAPL medical"]
class2med_to_spl [label="Class 2 medical"]
## Layout hacks
{ rank=same; presolo frtol }
{ rank=same; solo interuni }
{ rank=same; silver gold diamond km750 km1000 }
{ rank=same; lapls class2med_to_spl spl }
{ rank=same; postsolo aerobatics }
{ rank=same; aero_std aero_sports aero_intermediate aero_unlimited }
{ rank=same; bi asscat fullcat }
## Training stages/relationships
trial -> presolo -> frtol
presolo -> {gpmed laplmed_presolo class2med_presolo} -> solo
solo -> {interuni locals}
solo -> postsolo -> single_seat -> locals
postsolo -> aerobatics -> aero_std
{aero_std -> aero_sports -> aero_intermediate -> aero_unlimited} -> aero_comp
postsolo -> bronze -> locals
{postsolo laplmed_postsolo} -> lapls -> in_eu
lapls -> class2med_to_spl -> spl -> outside_eu
lapls -> xc -> silver -> instructor -> bi -> asscat -> fullcat
{silver -> gold -> diamond -> km750 -> km1000} -> regionals
xc_endorsement -> xc
## Pre-EASA stages
subgraph cluster_pre_easa_med {
label="Pre-EASA" style=dashed color="#7f7f00" bgcolor="#ffff0033"
subgraph cluster_pre_easa {
bronze -> xc_training -> xc_endorsement -> laplmed_postsolo
label="Pre-EASA" style=dashed color="#7f7f00" bgcolor="#ffff0033"