Gransden Lodge - St Neots - Papworth - Gransden Lodge

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If you are pre-solo, discuss with an instructor before doing any task.
Minimum set-off height3,000 ft
Distance29.3 km
Airspacestay below 5,200 ft QFE south of Gransden
BGA Ladder Points182
Suitable weather conditionswinds from west or north with good thermals, cloud base at least 3,500 ft

This is a moderately long task.

Note that the minimum height at STN and PAP is 2,800 ft and you must remain above this height along the whole of this leg of the task, so you will want the cloud base to be over 3,500 ft before attempting this task.

Turn points

GRL (Gransden Lodge) 
the main hangar at Gransden Lodge
STN (St Neots) 
railway bridge over single carriageway road to the south-east of St Neots near an industrial site
minimum height: 2,800 ft
PAP (Papworth) 
roundabout next to sewage works north of Papworth Everard
minimum height: 2,800 ft