Gransden Lodge - St Neots - Gransden Lodge

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If you are pre-solo, discuss with an instructor before doing any task.
Minimum set-off height3,000 ft
Distance21 km
Airspacestay below 5,200 ft QFE south of Gransden
BGA Ladder Points141
Suitable weather conditionswinds from the west

This task is an out and return. Do the task when winds are westerly so you are blown back towards the airfield.


St Neots is easily visible as the first town to the west of the airfield. To the south of St Neots, several lakes are easy to spot. If you are over the lakes, you have already passed the turn point.

The airfield is not easily spotted from St Neots. If you can see the red brick houses of Cambourne, head toward them. Otherwise head east, passing to the north of the golf course and Abbotsley. From there, Great Gransden and the airfield should be easily visible.

Turn points

GRL (Gransden Lodge) 
the main hangar at Gransden Lodge
STN (St Neots) 
railway bridge over single carriageway road to the south-east of St Neots near an industrial site
minimum height: 2,800 ft