Gransden Lodge - Cambridge West - Gransden Lodge

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If you are pre-solo, discuss with an instructor before doing any task.
Minimum set-off height3,000 ft
Distance27 km
AirspaceStay below 5,200 ft QFE south of Gransden. Be aware of the Cambridge ATZ and arriving and departing traffic.
BGA Ladder Points176
Suitable weather conditionswinds from the north-east

This task is an out and return. Do the task when winds are from the east so you are blown back towards the airfield.

Note that the minimum height at CAW is above the minimum set-off height, therefore you must gain height during your flight.

You can tune your radio to Cambridge Approach 123.600 and listen to powered aircraft talking to the tower. Remember to retune to Gransden Lodge Radio 131.275 before returning to Gransden.


Head east towards Cambridge, which will be easily visible as the nearest town. The M11 motorway is visible running north-south along the edge of Cambridge. There are several junctions on the M11, CAW is near the Park and Ride car park. The tower of the university library should be visible and marks the edge of the Cambridge ATZ. If you are still within the local soaring rules you are above the Cambridge ATZ.

On the way back, Cambourne and Bourn airfield should be easily visible. Bourn's main runway points to Gransden Lodge. Golf courses at Toft and Bourn may also be visible, stay to the north of the golf courses and fly west.

Turn points

GRL (Gransden Lodge) 
the main hangar at Gransden Lodge
CAW (Cambridge West) 
Junction of M11 and A1303, next to University West Cambridge site
minimum height: 3,200 ft