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This page lists things that need doing on the wiki. If you see anything else, please add it here! To discuss anything listed below, please use the "Discussion" page.

When you've completely finished a task, please delete it from this page!


Past trophy winners

Confirm that the trophies winners are correct, and add more years if you remember!


More information on CU, flight manual, polar etc. need linking. Information on the trailer and how to tow would be useful. How to check that the trailer is serviceable? How to use XCSoar with the new FLARM module.

First day at the airfield

An introduction for new members starting from the very beginning. How to book, sort transport. What to do when you get there for the first time.

Information on other sites, especially expedition sites

Some (more or less detailed) pages on other gliding sites, their circumstances/surroundings and unique procedures would be useful.

Post-solo procedures

An explanation of how to book/organise a glider post-solo would be useful. E.g. who to ask, when to just turn up, when to use the booking systems, etc. Information on GPS software like XCSoar

A description of the badges, basic progression timelines would be good too.

A brief description of EASA changes

The Aircrew Regulation under EASA

CUGC Micro-tasks

Is the CUGC Micro-tasks page (migrated from the old website) out of date?

Cambridge Radio Mandatory Zone

Important: These tasks need to be updated to reflect the mandatory radio zone around Cambridge.

Missing tasks

The CUGC Micro-tasks page lists a few "hard tasks" that don't exist. If anyone knows something about those tasks and could create (some of) a page like e.g. Gransden Lodge - Potton - St Neots - Gransden Lodge with details, that would be good.

Red links (wanted pages)

Special:WantedPages lists pages that don't exist yet, but have links pointing to them.

Any other Varsity results

The record of previous Varsity competitions is a bit spotty.

Any pictures, reports, scores or results would be great!


Image naming

A couple of pictures have very general names, e.g. File:Author.jpg. Could someone go through the list of files and rename ones that might clash in the future?

Unused files

Some files (e.g. the CGC field book) are on the wiki, but not used on any page. They are listed at Special:UnusedFiles. Could someone go through that list and find (or create) a good page to link those from?

Improve linking

Many pages link nowhere else, and most pages only have a few links to other wiki pages. Different pages would be much more discoverable if they were linked to from many places.

Adding links to nonexistent pages ("red links", Special:WantedPages) helps too, as it prompts people to create those pages when they come across them.[1]