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Welcome to CUGC. Whether you are a new or old member, this page should contain some helpful advice regarding how to book training slots, how to organise transport and what to expect on your first visits to the airfield.

Make sure to check out our website which contains a lot of useful information in the FAQ Section.

Introductory Information

Mailing Lists

The first things you should do is make sure that you are on all of our mailing lists.

CUGC: Join these here. Soc-Gliding and Soc-Gliding-Transport are the most important: here you will receive general club information and offers/requests for transport respectively.

CGC: Join this here. This is the the Cambridge Gliding Centre (CGC) mailing list for airfield alerts (like for when flying is cancelled), and is really important that you join.

Your Flying Account


- Money on flying acct (and how to) - Sign up to mailing list - More information on booking below - See here for how to organise transport (and then book the correct days) - How we operate half days, helping each other out when we're not flying. - Join the fb page

Booking Training Slots

Your membership number and password will have been sent to you by email (follow up on this if it has been over two weeks). With these details, you can now book either training with instructors in 2-seater gliders, or book single-seat gliders. If you are a new member, ignore the single seater booking for now - that will come later!

Two Seater Booking Page

The columns (K21/Puchacz/Perkoz) show the aircraft type. If you're booking for the first time, this doesn't matter, and you can pick any aircraft. The rows show the time of day (AM / PM) and the instructors name. If you are new, its important you do not book the instructors prefixed with 'XC', as these offer a different type of training. Note that there is a link at the top of the page to view dates further ahead than the default view.

You can book a slot by clicking your name on any of the Book hyperlinks which will show in open slots.

In Winter: AM slots are from 08:45 to 12:30, PM slots are from 12:30 until flying stops. This is usually 5pm or sunset (whichever is earlier).

In Summer (During British Summer Time): AM slots are from 08:45 to 13:30, PM slots are from 13:30 until flying stops. This is usually 6pm.

Booking Rules:

You must cancel any slot that you cannot attend more than 72 hours in advance, otherwise you will be subject to a £25 fine.
You must only book half day slots (either AM or PM) on weekends.
You can only hold 4 advance bookings.

Single Seater Booking Page


Your First Day at the Airfield

- Make sure you have money on your acct and know your membership number. - Let people know its your first day. - There will be briefings for everything. Make sure you're comfortable and ask questions - Be prepared to help out and learn - Make sure you get a logbook and progress card.