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The 2018 AGM

CUGC have several trophies and prizes that are awarded at our AGM, usually in May. Some of them require GPS traces or other things to be submitted, and some are selected by the committee. It is important to know the details of each so that you can try your best to win them!

The Marshall Papworth

Our biggest and most glamorous trophy. Awarded for outstanding services to CUGC. Nominations are voted on at the AGM.

Year Winner
2018 Matthis Lehmkuhler
2017 Tomasz Cebo
2016 Richard Ladley

Best Ab-Initio

Given to the best ab-initio pilot in the given year, chosen by the committee. It can be won for outstanding commitment, progress or ability.

Year Winner
2018 Raymond Xu
2017 Camille Stavrakas
2016 Vikram Giri

The Slazenger Trophy

Awarded for the greatest cumulative height gain in a flight that is under 50 minutes, following varsity rules. The winner of this trophy is the pilot who submits the best score of the cuppers competition. GPS traces should be submitted to the committee or president for scoring, in the format discussed on the linked page.

Year Winner
2018 Bonan Zhu
2017 Tomasz Cebo

The Undergraduate Trophy

Awarded to the pilot who completes a cross country task including the GRL (Gransden Lodge) and BIC (Bicester control tower) turnpoints of at least 150km, with the fastest average speed.

In the case of no pilot completing the primary objective, the trophy will be awarded for (in order of priority):

  1. Furthest cross country task (distance)
  2. Longest soaring flight (time)
Year Winner
2018 Not awarded

Best Gliding Picture

New in 2019

Awarded to the pilot who submits the best gliding related picture or video (created in the past year, by the individual) to the committee. Judged by the committee. Will receive a small prize, such as a bottle of wine, at the AGM.