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This spreadsheet is to coordinate transport to the airfield for CUGC for at least the summer 2019 season (April 1 - September 30th).

There are two seaparate sheets listing half and full days when there will be transport available for up to 4 CUGC members.

The first sheet lists days when CUGC will reimburse a large part of your transport cost (taxi/car hire). The second sheet lists all the days when John Shannon (Chief Winch Driver at CGC) drives out - these are Tuesdays. He's happy to give CUGC members a lift. Once you have booked to fly on one of those days (or going for a solo flight), put your name down. Both of the sheets require that someone takes the responsibility for the group - booking a taxi, contacting John, etc. Please take the initiative.

If you have questions, get in touch with the CUGC flying coordinator (at the moment Hayk - User:HS586).

The spreadsheet can be found here.