Gransden Lodge - Potton - Oakington - Gransden Lodge

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If you are pre-solo, discuss with an instructor before doing any task.
Minimum set-off height3,000 ft
Distance46 km
AirspaceStay below 5,200 ft QFE south of Gransden. If you get low over Bourn airfield, land rather than getting in the way of Bourn traffic. Stay above 1,300 ft QFE around Little Gransden, and above 3,000 ft QFE when the aerobatics box is active.
BGA Ladder Points272
Suitable weather conditionswinds from the west

This task is two out and returns combined for extra points. You should do the task when the wind is cross-track (NW or SE) so unlike most micro-tasks you have no wind to blow you home. Make sure that you track into wind to prevent yourself being blown off course.

You will have to remain above 3,000 ft for most of this task. If you drop below 3,000 ft, turn back towards Gransden. You can keep hunting for thermals but be sure to be close to the airfield before reaching 2,000 ft.


The Potton mast is a good landmark for navigation, and is the turn point marker. It is 800 ft high, so make sure you are higher and well clear of it. Returning to Gransden, there are few good landmarks. Use the compass to fly a heading of 040° until you reach Gamlingay; Gransden should be easily visible from there.

Going towards Oakington, first fly to Cambourne, which is easily seen from Gransden. From Cambourne, the lakes at St Ives should be visible to the north, and Cambridge to the east. Fly north-east, parallel to the main runway at Bourn; you will cross the town of Bar Hill and the turn point. On returning, head back to Cambourne; you can easily find Gransden Lodge from there.

Turn points

GRL (Gransden Lodge) 
the main hangar at Gransden Lodge
POT (Potton) 
radio mast next to a sand quarry
minimum height: 2,800 ft
OAK (Oakington) 
bridge at a motorway junction, near large warehouses and a small town
minimum height: 3,000 ft