Gransden Lodge - Oakington - Gransden Lodge

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If you are pre-solo, discuss with an instructor before doing any task.
Minimum set-off height3,000 ft
Distance21 km
AirspaceStay below 5,200 ft QFE south of Gransden, stay clear of Bourne traffic. If you get low over Bourn airfield, land rather than getting in the way of Bourn traffic!
BGA Ladder Points161
Suitable weather conditionswinds from the north-east

This task is an out and return. Do the task when winds are from the north-east so you are blown back towards the airfield. Follow the main run north-east to Cambourne and Bourne Airfield. Be aware of traffic taking off and landing at Bourne. Continue north-east over the A428, Bar Hill should be straight ahead. There are no other dual carriageways before the A14. There are other junctions with the A14 so look for the Bar Hill Industrial Estate.

On the way back head, south-west; the red brick town of Cambourne and Bourne airfield should be easily visible. Note that the main runway at Bourn points towards Gransden Lodge. Stay clear of the approaches to Bourn's runways.

Turn points

GRL (Gransden Lodge) 
the main hangar at Gransden Lodge
OAK (Oakington) 
bridge over A14 dual carriageway, town of Bar Hill and golf course are land marks
minimum height: 3,000 ft