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Rebooted in 2019: Make sure to submit your flights!

Each year solo pilots can represent their college in the college gliding competition by completing a Varsity style flight, and submitting their GPS trace to the committee. Colleges can enter as many pilots as they wish and pilots can submit as many flights as they wish, but only the highest scoring flight from each college is taken. The pilot who achieves the highest scoring flight will win the Slazenger trophy.

The full rules are outlined on the Varsity page. It is a 50 minute flight where the aim is to get the highest cumulative height gain. Be careful not to go over 50 minutes as there is a heavy penalty for exceeding time!

A GPS trace file (.igc) must be submitted to the committee for scoring. For more information on how to get this file, see the page on GPS traces.


2018 - 2019

College Pilot Date Points
Downing Chris Barrott 21/06/2018 280
Magdalene Hugh Hudson 21/06/2018 209
Queen's Bonan Zhu 22/06/2018 171
Churchill Nat West 21/06/2018 147

College Scores

College Score
Downing 280
Magdalene 209
Queen's 171
Churchill 147

The old style cuppers was based on BGA ladder score, with the results outlined below.


College Points Pilot
Queens 190 Bonan Zhu
Girton 149 Malcolm Morgan


College Points Pilot
Fitzwilliam 1045 Graham Spelman
Girton 542 Malcolm Morgan
Trinity 36 Nadanai Laohakunakorn

The old-old-style cuppers was based on the Varsity Match rules (as we have again in 2019), and the results are included below.


Five Top Scoring Flights

Date Pilot Score Notes
17/04/2008 Graham Bell 142
22/04/2008 Martin Hughes 62 incl. time penalty
14/03/2008 Graham Bell 45 time only
27/02/2008 Graham Bell 44 time only
17/04/2008 Martin Hughes 41 time only

College Scores

College Score
Jesus 273
St Catharine's 113
Wolfson 92
Trinity 12