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The committee is elected each year at the AGM, usually in May. Potential candidates should express interest in advance to the member currently holding the role in order to learn more about it.

Committee Roles

It is mandatory that the roles in italics are filled for the club to be able to operate. Ordered by estimated workload.

President: Ensures the smooth running of the club, chairs club meetings and represents CUGC at Cambridge Gliding Centre (Gransden) meetings and at other gliding organisations. Is responsible for ensuring that other committee members are doing their jobs, and for completing any random tasks that may come up.

Secretary: Manages club membership. Works closely with the president and treasurer. Responsible for ticketing for trial flight events.

Flying Coordinator: Responsible for organising instructors and booking aircraft for trial flights and winter flying days. Works closely with president and secretary.

Treasurer: Manages CUGC's accounts and grant applications.

Equipment Officer: Ensures that our glider (CU) and its associated equipment are properly maintained, along with the relevant documentation. Great if you want to learn more about what goes into owning and maintaining a glider. Responsible for organising annual maintenance.

Captain: Responsible organising expeditions and competitions (including the Varsity match). Must have Bronze badge or above.

Webmaster: Manages the website, wiki and club email addresses. Requires a reasonable level of technical competency.

Vice President: Supports the president on special tasks. Helps organise trial flights. Can attend CGC committee meetings on the presidents behalf.

Social Secretary: Organises social events such as formals, pub meets and the annual dinner. Partly responsible for keeping Facebook page updated. A good role for someone who is unable to commit much time, but a really important role to be filled!

Assistant Treasurer: Supports the treasurer.

Ordinary Member: Perfect if you want to be involved with major decisions and help out when you can. This is a zero commitment role as we appreciate some people want to help but can’t commit to anything.

Committee History